Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Warhammer Addictus Mode

Game 1: 1500pts- Hive fleet conqueror(kuneho) vs Imperial Guard(freddie yu); planet 6
Mission: seize ground (3 counters)
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: kuneho won (2-1)

Swooping down from the sky, a winged tyrant, flying down towards the guardsmen outpost. A tyrant with 3 guards, 2 broods of genestealers, 2 gunfex, and a heavy gunfex lurked out from the forest, rushing towards their prey. Defending for their lives, the imperial guardsmen shot their weapons towards rushing herd, wounding the tyrant and killing some genestealers. The basilisk fired its cannons and killed a tyrant guard in return.

But the Hive is fast, the winged tyrant caught 2 roughriders and was held in combat. The 2 gunfex fired their bio weapons on the guardsmen, killing as many as they can before they feed on them. The junior officer and his squad together with the commissar prepared for close combat to aid the rough riders. The conscript squad was also commanded to aid the surviving rough riders, but the tyrant was so tough, made the rough riders scream in fear and fell back.

2 Sentinel and 2 squads of heavy flamers tried to outflank the swarming Hive, aiding thier falling guardsmen. But it wasnt enough, as another swarm of genestealers moved from behind, killing whatever they touched. The hive fleet conqueror proved its name again, as they fed the lifeless bodies of the Imperial guard.

Game 2: 1500pts- Chaos Demons(Mickie) vs Imperial Guard(freddie yu)
Mission: seize ground (4 counters)
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Mickie won via tap out

*details will be soon poster on mwph


Anonymous said...

Wow! Inggit ako! Hehe! Looks like you had fun guys! Will this be a regular weekday battle?

shink1m said...

Hehehe, maganda nga sana kung pwede mas madalas ang gaming, noh? Meh, real life gets in the way talaga.