Sunday, June 21, 2009

HGR Journal Entry No. 101 - The 101st For The 101st...

Date: June 20, 2009
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Attendance: Matthew, Martie, Carlos, Joel, JB, JR, Joshua, Ebon, Henri, Ryan, Lance, Patrick, with special appearances from Deadeye, Owen, Kyuzo, Rob, and Manny
Gaming Highlights:

Game1 - Ryan(SM-Salamanders) vs. JR(SM-BA/Royal Hawks)
Mission: 1500pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: Ryan Wins!

Game2 - Joshua(Eldar)+Joel(Imperial Guard) vs. JB(Imperial Guard)+Martie(Tau)
Mission: 500pts+500pts Seize Ground
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: JB and Martie Wins! Joshua Taps Out

Game3 - Matthew(Eldar) vs. Carlos(Orks)
Mission: 1250pts Seize Ground (5 Counters)
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: Carlos Wins! 2-0

Game4 - Ebon(Orks) vs. Henri(SW-Iron Wolves)
Mission: 2000pts Seize Ground (3 Counters)
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Ebon Wins! 1-0

Game5 - JB(Imperial Guard) vs. Joel(Imperial Guard)
Mission: 500pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Draw!

Game6 - Lance(Chaos Space Marines) vs. Ryan(SM-Salamanders)
Mission: 2000pts Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Lance Wins! 9-8

Game7 - Martie(Tau) vs. Patrick(Space Marines)
Mission: 2000pts Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Martie Wins! 10-5

Session Ends 7:45pm

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