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HGR Journal Entry No. 099 - Some HGR Gaming Before The Incursion...

Date: June 6, 2009
Venue: Robinsons Galleria
Roll Call: George, JR, Deadeye, Patrick, Henri, Joshua, Kyuzo with special appearance from Owen
Gaming Highlights:

I went to Galleria to check out the HGR gaming scene as well as throw in something out of the blue for the Regulars to consider. But first, some gaming highlights:


Game1 - Grimnir aka George(Orks) vs. Joshua(Eldar)
Mission: 700pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Joshua Wins!

Heard this was Joshua's first ever recorded win using Eldar.


Game2 - JR(SM-BA/Royal Hawks) vs. Henri(Space Wolves)
Mission: 1500pts Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Henri Wins!

Henri vs. JR

JR: Isep isep...

Bakbakan na!

Got to see the closing rounds of this. JR's getting a better understanding of his army despite the fact he's up against one of the old dogs (pardon the pun Henri) of the game.


Game3 - Patrick(Space Marines) vs. Ebon(Orks)
Mission: 1000pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Ebon Wins!

Good to see Ebon still tries to play the game despite the health problems, with his tactics still being sharp as ever.


Game4 - Grimnir aka George(Orks) vs. Ryan(SM-Salamanders)
Mission: 1000pts Seize Ground
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Ryan Wins!

Ryan vs. Grimnir

Salamanders assemble!

Salamanders vs. Orks


Game5 - JR(SM-BA/Royal Hawks) vs. Kyuzo(CSM-Black Legion)
Mission: 2000pts Seize Ground(3 Objectives)
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Kyuzo Wins! 2-0

It's no mistake, but JR has pushed his army pointage to 2000pts, even if it meant stretching the force organization limits a bit ;) while Kyuzo brought out his all-infantry Black Legion (coz he brought everything he had EXCEPT for the vehicles he was planning to use that day) :P First turn went to the Royal Hawks who brought to bear some serious shooting concentrating much of their sniper and lascannon fire to one Daemon Prince (reducing it to just one wound) as well as an orbital bombardment that reduced one 20-man CSM squad to just 7 models (Ouch...). Obliterators and Chaos Terminators come in on the 3rd Turn in a hope to even up the numbers and contest objectives the Royal Hawks were entrenching themselves. Some well timed Lashes of Submission from the Princes and Doom Siren from the Noise Marines displaced the Royal Hawks from key objectives to seal the win. JR gains a morale victory for killing one Daemon Prince in the process. Talk about dispelling ones demons. ;)

Good Game.


Game6 - Deadeye(IG-533rd Cadian Battle Force) vs. Patrick(Space Marines)
Mission: 1000pts Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
Result: Patrick Wins! 1-0


Game7 - Grimnir aka George(Orks) vs. Henri(Chaos Space Marines)
Mission: 1000pts Seize Ground(3 Objectives)
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Result: Draw!

Henri started his Chaos Space Marine project and playtested his starting list with a good result against Grimnir's Green Tide. More converts to the Dark Side. :D


After packing up and over dinner I then told the Regulars my intent to visit ATC the next day to check out the 40k gaming action to which quite a number enthusiastically agreed. Some general details were discussed regarding time of deployment, the battlebarge course, some rules of engagement, and logistics before we called it a day. All was in agreement, and the assets for the First Wave has been set. The ATC players will never know what hit them. Hehe...

Session ends 9:00pm.

But a conclusion has yet to be written... ;)

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