Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Wave Serpent Alpha

I just finished the detail work on my first Wave Serpent. I'm pretty happy with how this project is turning out. It's just sad that I couldn't finish in time for the GT. This probably would have given Emcee's beautiful gray Ravenwing army a challenge at the very least.

The base is in homage to Jun Ubay's Tau army... the prime reason I got into 40K. I saw his army displayed in the old Galleria NG and thought to myself, "Hmm... I can do that too." More than 10 armies later, I think I'm still getting there (maybe 25% of the way there.). Progress is progress.

As a side note, six of my current stash of seven serpents (aba alliteration) have had their initial coat of mango yellow and dark blue applied. From there I would need to highlight each one and then proceed to ink-lining and detailing. Hope I finish within the year.

Taken with my D300 paired with my Tokina 100mm Macro prime lens and with the help of a Sigma Speedlite and my trusty light tent. Please post your comments.

*my sensor seems to be really dirty. sigh.

For more pictures please visit the Wave Serpent Alpha entry in my photoblog. Comments welcome.


Salubri said...

huwaw! very nice man!

isa lang ang problema but i guess it was due to your excitement. you didn't bother to clean the flash on the bright lances. :P

but regardless. this rocks! ;)

Balian the Blacksmith said...

what challenge? you would have won best painted hands down :P

ManongGuard said...

@emcee: Naks naman Bailan. Talaga lang ha? E di nga ako marunong mag NMM.

@ryan: I actually discovered the flash after the inking. I even filed off the large sprue-cut near the muzzle and repainted that portion but was too lazy (and sleepy) to file down the flash along the barrel. Sorry man. And thanks for the comment.

Salubri said...

well ultimately as long as you won't go OC looking at your own model it's fine. but if garrick were here it'd be the first thing he sees. lol

still. pretty awesome dude. that's the best Iyanden around.

Balian the Blacksmith said...

si garrick yata pati mono block na mga silya at table, tinatanggalan ng flash/mold lines :P

ManongGuard said...

@Ryan: may iba pa bang nagfifield ng pure iyanden?

@Emcee and Ryan: Now you have me looking at the flash.... Grrrrr!

Balian the Blacksmith said...

Iyanden, no one else plays it as far as I know.

may nagbalak, pero dun na lang.

This is the first time I have seen that much yellow on a waveserpent in the Philippines.

Salubri said...

well if the world takes a wrong spin and jacob decides to field his iyanden then that makes 2. otherwise it's just you. :D

ManongGuard said...

Jacob's Iyanden is now with Freddie Yu. Two Iyanden armies in the next GT? That will be a sight to see. Mga bonus rounds. Hahaha.