Saturday, January 28, 2006

HGR Journal Entry 004...

January 28, 2006...

Two of the Regulars were able to go today to play some 40k games after a long drought. Results are as follows:

1st Game : Balian (13th Company) vs. Kyuzo (Dark Eldar)
Misson : 2000pts Recon Alpha
Result : Win for Dark Eldar with one full warrior squad able to walk to the 13th Company's deployment zone.
Highlights Include : Balian's Rune Priest evading the torment of the Archon's Crucible, but failed two psychic tests resulting in two wounds that killed himself and not able to teleport a squad of Grey Slayers to the Dark Eldar deployment zone.

2nd Game : Kyuzo (Dark Eldar) vs. Owen (Sisters of Battle)
Mission : 2000pts Seek and Destroy Omega
Result : Win for Sisters of Battle
Highlights Include : It was the battle of the elites when Kyuzo's Wyches and Incubi tried to stop the Sisters Repentia rush to the center. Dark Eldar forces were able to wipe out the 20-man repentia but was left out in the open for withering fire from the Sisters. Arco-flagellants proved very devastating and swept the Dark Eldar left flank.

Balian and I called it a day early and left Galleria and had a beer at Ñubar in Golf City. Tokwa't Baboy was great, highly recommended. ;)

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midnight said...

there i was waiting for a call pero everyone decided to call it a night na pala. we're growing old. or too addicted to ROME TW. ;)

friday kita kita naman kanila lito. bring your armies!!!

Kyuzo said...

ayaw ko yata magbitbit ng army. bahala na.

sigismund said...

ilang points ba tayo sa friday?