Sunday, January 08, 2006

HGR Journal Entry 003...

January 7, 2005

Only three Regulars showed up that day and fantasy was the agreed game of the day. Results are as follows:

Balian(Brets) vs. Salubri(Brets) - Balian edges out on this closely fought Balikatan exercise. Look! Horses everywhere!. Critical turn occured when Salubri's grail knight lance failed to combine charges with his mounted yoemen against Balian's grail knights which resulted in a counter-charge that eventually turned the tide. Everybody I think will agree that a house ruling on combined charges and redirecting charges should be discussed to remedy this.
Balian(Brets) vs. Kyuzo(Dark Elves) - Balian wins out on this one against Kyuzo's 120+ model all-infantry list. Why'd you ask Kyuzo thought of going all-infantry with Dark Elves? Because he can! ;) It was enough to give Balian memories of Total War (See previous post).
Salubri(Brets) vs. Kyuzo(Dark Elves) - Salubri wins despite losing his general and paladin on hippogryph to the Dark Elf raiders in the process.

Not much on game highlights was remembered that day because all of that was forgotten at the thought of "Soft white beds with large, soft pillows", which haunted our minds in the middle of the second game. It was enough to distract Balian Salubri to lose their concentration momentarily in my games against them.

Oh, and sigismund passed by but was not able to play. Maybe when I get to push through with my project on 500pt demo armies will he then be able to get started with Fantasy.

We called it a day early since we didn't go play billiards after.


sigismund said...

teka....... nandun ako ah..... wala nga lang akong dalang WFB army..... =)

Salubri said...

which is probably why kyuzo forgot to add you. :P

Salubri said...

emcee made a good call on that multiple charge scenario. kim agrees it was a grey area. :D

Kyuzo said...

@salubri and sigismund - I already incorporated your comments to the post. Cheers!