Sunday, January 22, 2006

All Is Quiet In the HGR Front…

I guess this would not officially count into the HGR Journal entries. Things have been a bit quiet lately. It's been two straight Saturdays that the Galleria Regulars have taken on separate paths. Here's a quick rundown to give at least an idea of what the 101st have been doing when they're not playing Warhammer...

- Midnight took some time off to revisit an old hobby of his, which is golf. When the guy's not playing space wolves or vampire counts, he tries to get the exercise in swing at the ball and walking to where it landed just to swing at it again. Just heard he played Warhammer 40k at Hobby Haven in Katipunan with fellow players EJ and Ayo.

- Kyuzo is currently taking some time off to clean his room (and still at it :lol:) and reorganizing his tabletop hobby stuff. So his Dark Elves, Dark Eldar and Menoth figs are neatly packed in boxes for the moment. He's also been away from the billiard scene for quite some time now (see HGR Journal Entry No. 2) but will be playing again for sure. Just recently he went on a sojourn to visit the boyz in UP-CFA to play a game of Warmachine as well as spend some quiet time with them at da Shak to get up to speed on the boyz.

- Balian has been busy painting his Bretonnians, Steel Falcons and 13th Company when he's not playing in Galleria. He's also rediscovering the joys of computer games and is very much into Total War(see related thread). As of this writing, he was last reported doing some "PC repair".

- Salubri, when not playing Bretonnians or Ultramarines is very much an painter at heart and been recently addicted to the Total War computer game. He's currently in the middle of a 12-weekend seminar so his playing time on Saturdays are affected. Just reported playing the Total War game very late at night and have been playtesting the Warmachine game system on Sundays with Meanderer and Kim.

- Meanderer is into mountain climbing when not playing his Daemonhunters or Wood Elves. Last reported playtesting the Warmachine game system on Sundays with Salubri and Kim.

- Sigismund has been busy at work on Saturdays or his wedding preparations for this year. Lately, I believe he's ready to play 40k once more. He's good to go whether its Black Templars, Iron Warriors, Necrons, Tau, or whatever army he's got. ;)

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