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HGR Journal Entry No. 035 - Newbie Moves By Veterans...

Date: November 17, 2007
Venue: Midnight's Residence
Regulars Present: Midnight, Salubri, special participation of Joel, Kyuzo
Games Played: Warmachine/Hordes



Game 1 - Salubri(Lord Commander Coleman Stryker) vs. Joel()

Well fought game with Joel. We ended up bum rushing each other in the center of the table with my Storm Lances getting the better of his Bane Knights(?) and Mechani Thralls(?) only to be wiped out by Purges during Deneghra's feat turn. The Helljack went on a duel vs. the Thunderhead with Joel ending up throwing the Cygnaran jack every turn but doing little damage because of it's disruption field. Pistol Wraiths did their job by pinning and killing some of my other units. One blooper I made was I declared to make an electro leap from the Storm Guard only to find out the nearest model within 4" was my own Storm Lance. I ended up killing a friendly! :D

Joel took the field by pinning down Stryker with multiple "sacrifice movement or action" from the pistol wraiths as well as Deneghra's spells.


Game 2 - Kyuzo(High Exemplar Kreoss) vs. Midnight(Lord Tyrant Hexeris)
750pts Pendulum
High Exemplar Kreoss wins via VP after 5 turns

I made a few adjustments to my 750pt Kreoss list (taking into account what I learned from my last game against Salubri's Lord Commander Stryker), taking out a Revenger, Devout and a Reclaimer solo in favor of maxxing out Holy Zealot, Temple Flameguard and Exemplar Errants squads and adding in Vilmon and two Paladins. Kept the Castigator and Crusader (wish I could afford to field another warjack, but I guess this will have to do for now).

It was my first time to go up against Midnight's Lord Tyrant Hexeris and with six(!) warbeasts! My initial impression in deployment his config had multiple threats that I had to resolve decisively and not get bogged down in close combat.

midnight comments in italics.
as usual i deployed with my warbeasts in the middle and my fast moving units on the flanks. as i wasn't sure how kreoss would play, i felt this was the safest deployment. i was surprised to see a unit AD with ranged attacks to boot! the rest however i felt i could take on if i get them to split up by the house in the middle.

i immediately went for the house and waited for him to come and i would attack him one at a time. damned basilisks frenzied too early which left my praetorians on the right exposed.

The game was a comedy of errors on my part, most memorable of (honest) mistakes is taking note of damage points to my warjacks ("9 points on column 6...:P).

memorables for me include: moving titan gladiator on his units of diehard knights, then casting deathbringer on titan gladiator which wiped out his knights. on the downside, i took 6D3 damage points on the gladiator.
basilisk taking out the left and right arms of a crusader then decimating his grenade lobbing troops.
cataphract centratii also taking out his castigator's right arm, then the cyclops taking out the left arm. unfortunately it was not enough to render the jack inert - which would've given me enough vp's for the win!

Due to the time constraint, with no control points established by either side, the game was resolved via VP, with Kreoss edging out Hexeris 10-9.

yup, kreoss hid behind the other side of the house the WHOLE game. that's playing like you've got a pair

Wehehe... I must admit I played timid with Kreoss who went without a Devout in a long while. Between the choices a) Go around a disabled Crusader to take out the Basilisk Drake, b) Go behind a Castigator (with memories of being slammed by it in the last game against Salubri still fresh in my mind) and c) Wait behind the house, I chose the house as the most logical thing to do. :P

Session ends 9:00PM.

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