Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Army Roster

I'm updating the army rosters on the sidebar. Each of those armies will have a page of it's own. For several players who own the same kind of army... they will be sharing the page. In view of this can I ask you guys to please send me pictures of your painted units? Send only the ones that are fully painted. Also I need a write up from you guys... about the army... what got you started, what you like about it, etc etc. Oh and I also need a picture of you that I can use as a player portrait pic of sorts. kahit maliit lang.

The write up can be in tag-lish if you like. This blog is mostly for pinoys anyway. :D

1 comment:

Salubri said...

it just occured to me you can make your write up and attach pictures to it in ms word na. then send it to me. wag nyo lang ako pasalubungan nang worm at virus. :P

i've updated the deathwing page. send me your stuff people. it's time to put something on that sidebar.