Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday 1K

Romy braved the rally in Makati to trudge to Fortress at Greenhills VMall to face off against Kim, who was trying to dust off his Necrons with more regular Friday games.

Coming from more frequent WM gaming, the long hours of six turns was a culture shock to me. The basic rules were still familiar, but there were some things that I needed to get used to.

I was witness to a mathematical anomaly though, in the form of a lone Khorne Terminator in the midst of my Necron Warriors who survived from the early rounds and which proved to be the downfall of my army. It was one of those times where I wished I had this or that, specifically the Veil or a Monolith. Close combat was never a forte of Necron Warriors, having no sergeant with a Powerfist. Close combat against a melee-strong Khorne Terminator WITH a Powerfist wreaking havoc in the ranks of my Warriors, now that's just plain sad.

Romy's gamble paid off big time though, successfully deep striking his Terminators in my deployment zone after I had brought down his bike-riding Sorcerer (Warriors did this, Heavy Destroyers just flashed their guns to look good). I hope I will have the same luck in future games, as Necrons do have knack in teleporting stuff on the table, too.

Here be pics:


Salubri said...

kamote. bago pala naglaro si kyuzo vs mike last sunday nagpractice muna! lol!!!

Kyuzo said...

Yeah, which reminds me that terminator and the rest of his squad needs painting... Lolz.