Saturday, November 15, 2008

2000pt battle: Tyranids(kuneho) vs. Space Marines(joel)

Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Pitch Battle
Terrain: Ruins and Buildings

As for getting the higher roll for who gets to have the first punch, i won, but I decided to give Joel the first turn; deploying everything except his assault termies. I then deployed my army except for the broodlord and its retinue of genestealers waiting to outflank the space marines.

First Turn:
never tried to seize the initiative so the Space marines made their first move. nothing much on the marines turn, just trying to climb up the city ruins but failing to reach the second floor except for one of the combat squad taking a higher ground and firepower advantage. As usual, the space marines trying to make a flanking move to concentrate their attacks on one flank, killing a few hormogaunts.

the tyranids all moved toward the Space marines, running as fast as possible in reaching their prey. But the hormogaunts failed in reaching 2 squads of space marines due to rough terrain as the predators are now caught in the open.

Second turn:
the marines stand their ground whilst the rhino squads kept moving on the flanks; assault terminators were kept in bay waiting for the right time to make a counter-assault. 2 dreadnoughts moved forward to support their comrades unleashing melta and bolter rounds on the rampaging genestealers and horomogaunts. but the genestealers managed to survive the shots except for one who got disintegrated by the multimelta. combined firepower from the bike squad and the tactical marines managed to wipe out half of both hormogaunt brood. the lone dreadnought on the other side, assaulted the vicious genestealers but got immobilized due to rending claws.

the tyranids rampaged forward, and the 6 huge lumbering carnifexes trampled forward trying to reach their food. the marines felt the ground trembling, with no fear in their hearts, stood their ground as the 6 stomping behemoths crushed their way through. both the remaining hormogaunt brood leaped towards the well-dugged-in marines and managed to kill 4 in one squad and wiped out the other.

Third Turn:
Time for the counter attack, as the assault marines jumped their way through and the bike squad roared forward. The space marine Captain Sicarius called on for assault terminator reinforcement, as it deep-striked in front of tyranid herd. combat squads disembarked their rhinos preparing for a counter assault while one rhino squad sneaked forward towards their objective. one of the remaining hormogaunt brood got whittled down by flamers and bolter fire and wiped out by the assault squad in close combat. the bike squad launched an assault to aid a single marine swarmed by the other hormogaunt brood and managed to wipe out the brood.

as to the loss of the hormogaunt broods, the tyranids surges forward. 2 carnifexes saw the bike squads and rushed towards them, and the 4 remianing giants stomped their way through the marine front line. as to the Marines' surprise, the Hive tyrant soared forward and fired its bio-weapon killing off an assault marine; while the broodlord and its retinue appeared on the flank. the herd spared no time, and rushed forward to consume their prey. 2 carnifexes went for the bike squad and completely wiped it out sparing no lives at all while the hive tyrant and it's guard devoured the assault marines. the broodlord and its retinue assaulted Sicarius and his squad of assault terminators and another combat squad. ripper swarms leaped towards the assault terminators aiding the broodlord. however, even though outnumbered, the marines fought back. Sicarius got wounded but managed on wounding the broodlord. assault terminators pummeled the ripperswarms and the genestealers with their thunderhammers. on the other side, the genestealers managed to blow off the power fist of the immobile dread.

Fourth Turn:
Getting consumed by the tyranid swarm, the remaining marines consolidated and prepared themselves for another counter attack. still, one of the rhino squad sneaks in toward the objective. Sicarius and his terminators killed the broodlord and its retinue, consolidated to a higher ground to make sure that thay are far from the reach of the tyranid monstrosities. away from the hive mind, a genestealer was crushed by the immobile dread and fled towards the Hive tyrant.

3 carnifexes saw the rhino sneaking up from behind and rushed towards it. the hive tyrant rush towards one of the rhino and managed to destroy its tracks leaving it immobile. one of the carnifexes moved forward the immobile dread and completely ravaging it. while feasting on the marine bike squad, the other 2 carnifexes saw another "preys"; the single marine who managed to survive the hormogaunt swarm and another combat squad. but then again, the marines got crushed.

Fifth Turn:
Outnumbered, the marines still stood their ground and moved forward trying to secure the other objective, the remaining dreadnought fired its multimelta wounding one of the behemoth. the sneaking got caught by one of the fexes rushing towards it but managed to get off undamaged. the hive tyrant moved towards the center to rendezvouz with the fleeing genestealers. the other 2 carnifexes, hungry for more, moved toward the other objective as they saw more preys running towards it.

Sixth Turn:
Sicarius and the terminators ran forward to help the remaining marines to secure the objective. while the other rhino squad hoping to reach the other without getting caught by 3 rampaging fexes. the dreadnought, ones more, fired another round of multimelta, and wounding one of the fexes again.

but no one can stop a rampaging carnifex as it caught one of the combat squad and finished it off with one swipe. and consolidated in front of the marine frontline.

Seventh turn:
with their brave hearts, the remaining 2 combat squads and the dreadnought managed to kill one of the wounded fexes by fire power and close combat. but before it went down, it destroyed the dreadnought's torso, keeping it immobile. the assault terminators and sicarius, and the remaining marines secured an objective. on the other side, the rhino squad thought that luck was on their side, free from the 3 rampaging carnifex. suddenly a scything talon can-opened their rhino leaving the combat squad open for the 2 more ferocious carnifex. the hive tyrand and the genestealers rushed toward the secured objective but failed to reach it.

as with one objective safely secured, the remaining marines teleported out of the battlefield. the marines won even though overwhelmed by the tyranid brood...

*special thanks to Lito Tan for the nice terrain set that we used in the battle bunker... peace!!!

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