Friday, November 21, 2008

2000pts: Hive Fleet Conqueror(kuneho) vs Ultramarines(mike)

Location: Battle Bunker
Time and Date: 7:30pm/17 Nov. '08
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Dawn of War
Terrain type: City ruins

Mike won the roll off and decided to go first. deployed 4 combat squad and an HQ in bike. i deployed my Hive tyrant and two broods of hormogaunts, having my broodlord and retinue held in reserve for outflanking.

It was at the peak of dawn, the Ultramarines are patrolling in search for two lurking zoanthropes for experiment. cloaked by darkness, the tyranids emerged from the ruins. it was an ambush, using the zoanthropes to have their prey within their talons. but the marines stood their ground and fight their way through to capture their objective. the Vindicator tank and Orbital strikes whittled down the rushing tyranid fleet. assault terminators and the land raider took down the Hive tyrant and its Guard. jump-pack marines cleansed the area for ripper swarm infestation. but the tyranid herd seemed endless, as carnifexes emerges from the ground destroying everything on its path including a land raider and a vindicator. broodlord sprung out from the flanks together with its retinue killing the ultramarine captain and took down 2 squads of marines. another brood of genesteelers arrived as it secured one of the lurking zoanthrope, guarding it as commanded by the hive mind. the Ultramarines got overwhelmed by the sheer number of the tyranid brood and were forced to fall back failing to capture and control any objective...

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