Monday, December 05, 2005

101st Ranking System

December 6 : Additional notes

Rating updates would be done per cycle.
Cycle for pick-up games is weekly, weekend is every Saturday.
Cycle for tournaments is the entire duration of the event. In case of long term events, cycle would be up for discussion.

Coefficient (K) will be double for major tournaments such as GT, JAM Cup, Gladiator, etc.

Bonus points (regardless of performance; cumulative) will be given as follows :
1)Joining a major tournament (100) or minor tourney (50)
2)Winning over-all or Best General in a major tourney (200) or minor tourney (100)
3)Winning best sportsman ("your quality will be known among your enemies, and forever you meet them, my friend"... something like that); 50 major tourney, 25 for minor
4) Winning best painted (you look good, that counts for something); 50 major tourney, 25 for minor event
5) Extraordinary feats (killing 2 carnifexes in a game in close combat, for example); 25 pts. Must be nominated by at least one, with concurrence of 3 other.

Ratings will be affected by games outside of Galleria Sector (non rated players). For computation purposes, default ratings of non 101st players are :

Tourney format -
Tourney Champ/Best General - 2000
Others - 1750

Pick-up games - 1750

This should effectively adjust our ratings when gauged against players outside of the sector

This would not be like in mordheim wherein you have auto exp when battling a higher ranked opponent... yes there is a premium but you still have to win to get additional rating points...

One player, one rating ( I nixed my idea of multiple ratings per army you have )

December 5, 2005 :

Here's my proposal on the ranking system.

Our's would be based on the ELO rating system used for chess.

Ranks would be the following :
0000-1199 Private
1200-1399 Sergeant
1400-1599 Lieutenant
1600-1799 Captain
1800-1999 Major
2000-2199 General
2200-2399 Commander
2400-up Warmaster

We all start as privates, at 1000 pts. The basic premise is that your actual performance in a game or a series of games is compared to your should be performance based on your current rating and the current rating of your opponents. You are expected to win over someone with a lower rating, your are expected to draw an opponent with equal rating, and so on...

Probability Table:

Probability Rating Difference (your rating - rating of opponent)
0.99 677
0.98 589
0.97 538
0.96 501
0.95 470
0.94 444
0.93 422
0.92 401
0.91 383
0.90 366
0.89 351
0.88 335
0.87 322
0.86 309
0.85 296
0.84 284
0.83 273
0.82 262
0.81 251
0.80 240
0.79 230
0.78 220
0.77 211
0.76 202
0.75 193
0.74 184
0.73 175
0.72 166
0.71 158
0.70 149
0.69 141
0.68 133
0.67 125
0.66 117
0.65 110
0.64 102
0.63 95
0.62 87
0.61 80
0.60 72
0.59 65
0.58 57
0.57 50
0.56 43
0.55 36
0.54 29
0.53 21
0.52 14
0.51 7
0.50 0
0.49 -7
0.48 -14
0.47 -21
0.46 -29
0.45 -36
0.44 -43
0.43 -50
0.42 -57
0.41 -65
0.40 -72
0.39 -80
0.38 -87
0.37 -95
0.36 -102
0.35 -110
0.34 -117
0.33 -125
0.32 -133
0.31 -141
0.30 -149
0.29 -158
0.28 -166
0.27 -175
0.26 -184
0.25 -193
0.24 -202
0.23 -211
0.22 -220
0.21 -230
0.20 -240
0.19 -251
0.18 -262
0.17 -273
0.16 -284
0.15 -296
0.14 -309
0.13 -322
0.12 -335
0.11 -351
0.10 -366
0.09 -383
0.08 -401
0.07 -422
0.06 -444
0.05 -470
0.04 -501
0.03 -538
0.02 -589
0.01 -677

It also follows that you get more chances to increase or decrease your rating depending on the level of your opponent... yes, your rating can decrease even if you win... no newbie rapes here people... on the other hand, it encourages newbs to challenge vets (all to gain, nothing to lose)

the formula is this :

NR = CR + K (AS-ES)

where :
NR - New Rating
CR - Current Rating
K - variable coefficient (the higher the coefficient, the higher the effect on rating; this varies depending on current rank. The lower the rank, the higher the coefficient for speedier level-up)
AS - Actual Score
ES - Expected Score

Values assigned to K based on rank
Private - 50
Sgt - 40
Lt to Capt - 30
Major to Gen - 20
Commander - 15
Warmaster - 10

Updates in rating will be done at the end of each week (Saturday) and after every tournament. Scoring is W=1, D=.5, L=0

I now have a working worksheet on this and started with our games last Saturday, December 3.

So based on these performances (all started at 1000 so probability is at .5):
Ryan 2W, 1L
Emcee 2W, 1L
Romy 2L

Current Ratings :

Emcee Private 1,025
Ryan Private 1,025
Ian - Beefcake Private 1,000
Ian "Sigis" Private 1,000
Joel Private 1,000
Ronald Private 1,000
Zeb Private 1,000
Romy Private 925

Romy, syensya na... just let me know if you guys want to start over. Good thing about this is if you win or even just draw against us, you would increase your rating more than what we can.


midnight said...

you'll take lead on the sheets - good! hehehe

scoring/seeding system - sounds good to me! exciting just like chess when i still played. :)

midnight said...

good! oks to and easily understandable. suggest ko lang is to keep the excel file linked somewhere (medyo mahaba dun sa main thread).

romy - less than 1000! :P

Salubri said...

NR = CR + K (AS-ES)

a.) k is the variable coefficient of your opponent?

b.) how do you get "expected score"?

c.) based on this ranking system... what data do we need to collect from each match?

interesting. it would be nice if you can show a sample for the computation with the actual figures though. medyo nalalabuan pa ako.

sigismund said...

maybe you guys could change my name so as not to confuse me with beefcake. its joseph by the way.

Salubri said...


your alias is what appears on the blog. i don't think we need to change it. if/when ian beefy joins up then we'll just ask him to use an alias so we don't get two ians running around the forum. :P

if kim becomes a regular sa galle then we'd have a 3rd ian. :D

Kyuzo said...

Ian na nga ang sinasabi ko e. :P

Kyuzo said...

Balian, I don't mind NOT starting over. Let's keep at it and then convene with the guys on their personal opinions. A few questions I would like to raise to the group though:

1. The ranking applies to the player right? Even if he plays different armies maybe? If so, would that encourage the player to use his preferred "winningest" army more and not have as diverse an environment of armies as we would want?
2. "Coefficient (K) will be double for major tournaments such as GT, JAM Cup, Gladiator, etc." - I'm a little confused with the effect of non-Galleria regulars and all that. Maybe another round of beer would help. ;)

sigismund said...

another round of beer sa shakey's.......

boss!!! rootbeer akin........ =P

Salubri said...

I'm a little confused with the effect of non-Galleria regulars and all that. Maybe another round of beer would help. ;)

that's romy. always finding an excuse to drink. :P

IMHO... we don't need to control everything guys. we only have to be fair. :D

Kyuzo said...

Hey, hindi ba na-update yung ratings after last weekend? Curious tuloy ako kung pano sya nag-progress. Thanks.

Balian said...

meron rin palang feature na ganito :)

updated ratings as of Dec. 10, dudes!

Ryan Private 1,049
Emcee Private 1,049
Beefcake Private 1,000
Joel Private 1,000
Zeb Private 1,000
Sigis Private 1,000
Lester Private 1,000
Ronald Private 1,000
Owen Private 977
Romy Private 957
Mark Private 948

The others who have not played yet are still at 1,000. The ratings will correct itself when everybody gets their games in. Mga 5 games for each we will have an accurate picture of what is... unless someone does some newbie raping...

I am still open to suggestions on tracking multiple armies. Idea ko lang is a player is good no matter what army he brings to the table. So, for example, if I suddenly just bring the steel falcons dahil masyado rating conscious, give me a light tap on the back, right after we eat hot loops.

For those below 1000, it's easier to "level-up". Just challenge someone with a higher rating. But you have to beat him or get a draw to earn points. This is not like mordheim na instant level-up tapos rout na :)

Tapos, if playing against non-galleria players, may default ratings sila for basis sa computation.

I'll show how to compute this para everyone can track. For now, maintain ko muna worksheet, along with a record of all games played.

Kyuzo said...

Thanks for the update Dude! One small correction though: Beefcake was able to play last Saturday using Word Bearers(?). I lost to him while Balian and Salubri were settling their tie.

Salubri said...

[I'll show how to compute this para everyone can track. For now, maintain ko muna worksheet, along with a record of all games played.]

yun. ayus. :D

[Beefcake was able to play last Saturday using Word Bearers(?). I lost to him while Balian and Salubri were settling their tie.]

You lost to World Eaters on foot? how'd that happen?

Kyuzo said...

He got first turn, plus bloodthirster and demon prince was on the rampage. Wasn't able to wipe out the squad with the icon bearer. Andami nila kuya! :P

Kailangan makabawi! :D

Salubri said...

you did stay back as far from him as possible right? your bikini babes won't stand a chance against rampaging mad men. :P

... come to think of it even the archon would be in danger of rolling 1's sa save nya... dami attacks nang khorne. yung army ko walang kwenta pag khorne kalaban. :P

Kyuzo said...

The guy was first to deploy and with push back. My army was cramped at the very back and I needed to punch the right flank (which turned out had the icon bearer) with a combined assault from archon/retinue, wyches and jetbikes(starting to love this unit except for its points maybe) in the hopes of regaining the initiative.

In hindsight, Dark Eldar seem to have better chances with the suicidal assault+support fire approach compared to the entrenched defensive position with assault support approach.

Salubri said...

well... in that case natalo ka sa dice roll. :D

but i warn you... assaulting khorne is not as easy as assaulting other marines. those guys dish a mean number of attacks. may ignore ignore wound pa. bleugh....