Tuesday, December 06, 2005

League Missions

I've been going over the possible missions for the league and so far these are my best picks:

Double Round Robin(tama ba spelling ko? :D):
1st round - "Recon"
2nd round - "Secure and Control"

Knockout Round

balian seems to be right in his assumption. mukhang walang fair na raid mission. they all seem to favor the attacker. medyo 1up yung 1 free round of shooting before the alarm is sounded and for assaulting armies... i forsee massacres. bleugh...

Semi Finals (best of 3)
1st round - "Take and Hold"
2nd round - "Hold at all Costs" <- this is a battle mission
3rd Round(optional round, some players might make 2 straight wins in the previous mission) - "Modified Bunker Assault"

I plan on changing the rules so as not to make it a turkey shoot. So far what I want to do is reduce the VP award for shooting/ breaching a bunker. It seems to me that doing so is very easy for anyone with a Lascannon. Not to mention Bright/Dark Lances. xP So I suggest making the VP award for Breaching a bunker should be 1/4th of what it should be. I suggest having 3 bunkers for the defending side. That would make capturing a bunker, though difficult, very rewarding(500 pts. at 1,500 pts. if i'm correct) whereas blowing it away yields less VP (125 pts.).

Finals (Best of 3)
"Fire Sweep"
"Coup de Main"
"Grand Assault"

I was looking for difficult missions for the finals but couldn't find them in the missions on the BBB. Raids were too stealthy and unbalanced, the battle missions were weak and the standard pick up game missions lacked the necessary kick... So I browsed thru Codex: City Fight and found these interesting missions. They all involve wrestling buildings from the defender. I will have to modify them a bit as well to port them over to 4th ed. This will basically set our terrain for Finals as an "Urban Jungle". Lots o buildings and LOS blockers.

Some Thoughts:
1. I was thinking of giving player performances an impact on succeeding games. Say one player wins his current mission, depending on the kind of victory(minor victory, major victory , massacre) he gets, he will then have the option to either:
a. choose to deploy first(minor)
b. choose to pick his table edge(major)
c. choose to go first(massacre)...

this system will reward players for their efforts in previous games... i'm
only considering these things :
a. the effect on his opponent
b. what happens when opposing players tied
(ex: both had minor victories in previous games?)?
c. there will be different rewards when the mission is non standard
(for battles we let the guy who gets a massacre become attacker or defender etc...)

2. We should follow the convention stated in the book... terrain when arranged together should be enough to cover 25% of the table. The exception for this would be the missions in the finals which will be Urban "Nightmares". :P

3. I would personally like it if we could cook up a way to make each army's strategy rating provide some nifty stuff in the league. can't think of anything that won't be too fancy though. :D


Kyuzo said...

Would like to suggest what I said previously that the missions for the semis and finals is still draw lots on which mission is to be played first. My two cents.

Salubri said...

pwede rin. though i'd want to keep the hardest mission out of the draw lots thing. reserve it for the optional fight.

boss stage. :D

sigismund said...

question..... anong BT list ang gagamitin ko? new or old? wala pa akong BT codex....... inubos ni kuya emman eh...... =D

Kyuzo said...

I'm sure you'll be getting your hands on one before the league actually starts.

midnight said...

imho, i think ambush would be an ok mission. it seems fair enough, the attacker splits his force into 2 groups - passive and active. so even if the attacker gets first turn, it still takes some luck as you don't know which of your 2 forces will be active or passive. besides, attacker will have a maximum 70% of his force on the table vs 100% of the defender.

Salubri said...

is ambush the mission where the defender deploys in the middle?

i don't think that's fair ronald. i think that would be more to the attacker's favor and the defender would be disadvantaged. your entire game there could be decided by who get's the first turn. :D

midnight said...

i think we're talking about 2 different scenarios. the one i mention was used in the GT and Kolat cup - attacker deploys in a U shape using long table edges and one short edge as the defender's escape route. VPs for defender for making it off board.

i think it's a challenge for attacker and defender. a very mobile defender can easily outrun the attacker - remember his main concern is to get off board! if he spends time getting into HTH, well...

sabagay, at first it will look tempting to fight the attacker kasi only half on board. once reserves kick in, it's a different story :)

midnight said...

defender deploys in a 6" wide line up to middle of board (from one side to the center) 6"x24". so parang U na may I sa gitna.

*makes sense?*

Salubri said...

we're talking about the same mission. todas ang defender dito if imperial guard or tau or anyhthing na malambot. :D

turkey shoot naman for attacker if iron warriors or rapid assault config na marine. :)

what do you guys think?

ito yung nasa GT. blood angels yung kalaban ko nun... buti na lang magaling sumipat yung gunner nang vindicator. :P

Salubri said...

which reminds me... muntik na akong atakihin sa puso... seeing blood angels converge at me from the left, the right, straight forward...and some of them were even dropping from the sky!!!

salamat na lang talaga sa demolisher... :D