Saturday, December 31, 2005

HGR Journal Entry 002...

December 30, 2005

This one's for the books. Unusually high attendance of WFB players came that day with both Saturday and Sunday WFB regulars playing or just passing through. In fact, the attendance was big enough to even hold an impromptu mini-tourney based on the numbers. It was just ironic that NG Galleria was scheduled to close early at 6pm (scheduled company Christmas party) when there are so many players who would want to put some games in. Attendees that day were as follows:

1. Lito (who I understand has left earlier when I arrived)
2. Ryan
3. Emcee
4. Ronald
5. Ian (looking at prospect of crossing over to Fantasy next year)
6. Kim (only passing the time while waiting for the Commander-in-Chief )
7. Jun
8. Clarence
9. Clemence
10. EJ
11. Jeff
12. Gelo
13. Justin
14. Obi (40k player crossing over to Fantasy using Orcs and Goblins!)
15. Romy

Some results that day:

Emcee (Brets) vs. Ryan (Brets) - Result: Ryan's Bretonnians win this Balikatan Exercise
Ryan (Brets) vs. Romy (Dark Elves) - Result: Ryan's Bretonnians prevailed over the Dark Elves today
Ronald (Vampire Counts) vs. Jun (Chaos Khorne) - Result: Vampire Counts win!
Clarence (Vampire Counts) vs. Obi (Orcs and Goblins) - Result: Clarence wins in Obi's first ever WFB game!

Obi just got his push in the right direction in the WFB scene courtesy of Clarence (newly designated WFB newbie rapist? ). Don't worry Dude, everybody falls the first time (take it from a guy who's used to falling. ) Ian has shown interest in starting WFB (maybe Brets *shiver*) and got Ronald (WFB grizzled cheezy veteran) giving the backgrounder and subtle differences between WFB and WH40k game systems well into the night (Ian's interest really got Ronald on a roll. )

The atmosphere was festive that afternoon despite the thought that NG will close early, thanks to Gelo's words of wisdom (and stealthy exit I might add ). Ended up with a game of billiards with some of the guys who wanted to get even before we called it a day. No official scores were tracked by the guys after my 10th straight win. OT: Mental note to restudy my billiard game. I think I'm losing my edge...


midnight said...

nice one romy. i hope we can have a few more days like that one. rare to see so many people come out and play. i'll need your help again to finish my vampire counts army so let me know when you can schedule another visit. i don't want to have another hgr day and i'm still playing with unpainted figs :P

Balian said...

I think my approach in dice rolling also works in billiards for me...

walang isip-isip... just take the shot and believe!

Salubri said...

you're losing your edge?


Kyuzo said...

Yup, I'm losing my edge. Usually I take some time off from the billiards scene for a couple of weeks but no more than a month and then try again. I'm still on track to make my first ever run-out (break and 9-ball) with no shortcuts. The golden break is relatively easier because its just a matter of knowing where to hit the ball and that the rack is tightly set... sorry for rambling :P

Kyuzo said...

I agree with balian's approach. It's also interpreted as full trust in the mechanics of your stroke. Thus I point out what you guys could have done after you make your shot hopefully to improve and make it more challenging. :P

Balian said...

what's that "full thrust in the mechanics of my stroke"? Hindi ko alam yung ginagawa ko. :)

The "full thrust" of another kind, that, I know... but I am no expert on that either.

Kyuzo said...

Exactly my point! A little more practice and you'll get the full thrust of it. ;)

On the other kind I can only say nagmamaang-maangan ka na naman! :P

Balian said...

nah! I am just a boy next door at best... :)


Balian - perfecting the art of looking innocent / like a minor

Salubri said...

hehe... meron na kami true to life sexetary dito. pasok pa sa age requirments ni emcee. :P

too bad temp lang. she could spice things up around here. bweheheh...