Wednesday, December 28, 2005

HGR Journal Entry 001...

December 26, 2005

Several Galleria regulars wanted to try out Fantasy gaming for a change after the rigors of the previous 40k Glad Cup. Reporting for duty that day were Salubri, The Meanderer, midnight and Kyuzo. Summary of results are as follows:

Salubri (Brets) vs. The Meanderer (Wood Elves) - Win for Bretonnians
midnight (Vampire Counts) vs. Kyuzo (Dark Elves) - Convincing massacre by the Undead
Salubri (Brets) vs. midnight (Vampire Counts) - The Lady favored the Bretonnians that day

Some things of note that day:

1. Although I saw only briefly the game between the Bretonnians and Wood Elves, I would like to note of The Meanderers steady pick up of the Wood Elves' strengths and was able to threaten to envelop the Bretonnian surge as early as the second round. Mental note for me to be wary of this force from Athel Loren the next time we meet.
2. Midnight's Blood Dragons are fierce and difficult to beat. I decided to lay back majority of my troops and sent my dark riders forward as outriders. Midnight's wolves made short work of them and my RBT's were not able to give the support they needed. Midnight noted after the game that my general overextended and is forced to go up against the black knights on its own which led to his eventual demise. Was able to take out at least one of his necromancers but by then my two sorcs died quickly soon after and things went a lot faster from then on. :D
3. Midnight should have invoked more troops and used Van Hel's when the time was appropriate to counter charge Salubri's lances. His magic went full circle on him when he miscast a couple of times in that game (I counted three times I think).
4. It was proven in the above games that players can provide an appropriate amount of magic defense against magic heavy armies.
5. We were all rusty on our knowledge of the rules. Will edit into this post any comments from your post-game analyses.

Some rules/info worth remembering:

a. Units can deny enemy units from marching if they are within 8" at the start of the Movement phase.
b. Spirit hosts, despite 4 attacks per base are US 3 per base.
c. Fast cavalry, when rallying after fleeing as a previous charge reaction, can move in the Remaining Moves portion of the Movement phase. They cannot shoot.


After all the trash talking and rules consulting, we then headed off to play a couple of games of billiards to finish the day. Midnight and Salubri showed great competitiveness and did not dissapoint in playing a good game. Results are as follows:

9-Ball Challenge : Kyuzo-14, Midnight-6, Salubri-5
Killers: Kyuzo-2, Midnight-0, Salubri-0

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