Thursday, January 22, 2009

40K Philippines

*Map removed for fear of GW's Intellectual Property hounding issues; I don't have the time nor money to deal or handle such a hassle - Ian Navarro*

There are six planets on our star system. Moving your mouse over the territories will pop up some information as to what armies have the most influence on a planet. Information on whole faction influence is also displayed in percentage (Imperium, Chaos and Xenos).

Clicking on a planet will display how your army has fared. Essentially, playing a game will score you points and will be tallied as how your force affects the planet.

How to interact with the map

For those who want to extend their influence on a planet on the map, just make a new post on the MWPH forum or the HGR blog with the following information:

Player 1 and army:
Player 2 and army:
Pointage and scenario:

The result of your games will keep adding to the total FOR YOU CHOSEN ARMY. Whether you win or lose, you'll add points to your army's standing per territory - so it's really a good idea to just keep playing and enjoy your games whether you win or lose ^_^

A win will score you 3 points, a draw will score you 2 points, a loss will score you 1 point (which is common for tourneys as well).

On my end, I will check the forum as often as I can, which is like 5 days a week or so and update the map as needed to reflect the game results.

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