Friday, January 16, 2009

Battle Bunker: 2000pts- Hive Fleet Conqueror (kuneho) vs Space Marines(mike)

Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: pitch battle
terrain: ruins and buildings

Mike won the roll and deploys all his units; while i deploy everything except for outflanking genestealers

Turn 1: mike moved both his land raider and vindicator 6" while his rhinos moved on my right flank. moved his squads to get good firing position. his shooting killed 2 of my tyrant guard and wounding one of my fex.

i moved everything forward and ran towards him to get a quick assault. my two tyrants fired at his vindicator and dealt nothing.

Turn 2: tyranids closing in, mike moved his units away from me. shooting from a vindicator causes him to kill one more tyrant guard, leaving one of my tyrants with no guard. while the other tyrant guard from my second tyrant was killed by a plasma cannon from a dreadnaught. one of my assault fex was reduced to only one wound by the landraider's firepower.

one of my genestealers moved to his right flank, leaving one of mike's squad prone to assault. i moved everything forward and, again, ran. venom cannons and devourer shots causes the vindicator to be shaken. as my genestealers assaults one of his squad in cover, he killed one before the genestealers can strike leaving 5 models. mike decided to fall back, but failed due t the brood high initiative, killing another model.

Turn 3: mike prepared for a counter assault, mike disembarked his 6 strong assault termies and moved his land raider and vindicator 12" away. mike's dreadnaught, HQ on bike, and one 10 strong marine squad to closed in to my genestealers to help their comrades. his shooting was unsuccessful firing one of its lascannon to my wounded fex. another squad that disembarked fires their melta and bolters and killed the wounded assault fex. his termies assaulted one of my assault fex clipping another gunfex, and reducing the assault fex down to a wound and the other gunfex was killed from no retreat rule; and yet managed to kill a stormshield termie. meanwhile, the last 4 marines were hacked down by the genestealers and the marines counter attack made 4 kills which leaves the combat a draw.

still no sign of the other genestealer squad, my unguarded tyrant, 2nd gunfex, and my 16 hormogaunts moved forward to aid the 2 fexed from termies. my other hormogaunt squad was left to our deployment to secure the objective. the remaining fex moved forward to assault the newly disembarked squad. venom cannon shot the vindicator again and caused a stun result. the assault phase was a brutal combat for his termies and wiped them out but in return killed my other assault fex. the genestealers on the other hand was reduced to one and failed their morale and fell back to my nearest synapse. the fex assaulted the 10 strong marines and killed 3 but the powerfist sarge wounded him twice in return. lossed in combat, the marines fell back and were never to return again.

Turn 4: Mike moved his assault squad near to prepare for a counter assault. his Hq followed my retreating genestealer to give the killing blow. his dreadnaught moved forward to get better firing position to my 2nd tyrant and killing another guard. his land raider took the other fex down to one wound left. His Hq managed to kill my lone genestealer in combat.

my wounded fex closed in to his vindicator, with still no signs of the other genestealer brood. tyrant 1 moved forward to give synapse to my hormogaunts. shooting made his dreadnaught shaken and was assaulted by the 2nd tyrant; yet lossed in combat for dealing 2 wounds, killing the remaining guard, and 1 wound for the tyrant for a no retreat rule. but the dreadnaught lost his powerfist in return. the vindicator and one rhino blew up from the Gunfex and the assault fex respectively. the hormogaunts assaulted and killed 2 marines in his other squad and killing 3 of my gaunts. the explosion from the rhino killed another 2 to my gaunt brood.

Turn 5: one of his rhino squad, who i left unnoticed moved forward to my object, which is still another turn away from it. his assault squad moved towards the ongoing assault between my gaunts and his marines. his hq, trusting his relic blade, moved to the assault fex to finally put it down. his shooting from the land raider killed my gunfex (everything hits and wounds and i made no successful saves). the assault killed my last fex by his hq and my gaunts were killed by the assault squad. but before the gaunts fell, it killed two more marines in return. the 2nd tyrant blew off the dread and consolidated on the second floor of the ruins.

at last, the last genestealer brood enters... but on the other side of the table, what the ....? anyways, the tyrant 2 moved towards the remaining marine squad (3 models) fires its vennom cannon and killed one; it fell back away from the objective leaving it unsecured. the sneaky rhino, hoping for one turn, was immobilized by my other tyrant from its venom cannon. no assault was made.

i rolled for an extension turn but rolled a two.... luck was on my side and won the game with my other hormogaunt brood securing one objective....

thanks mike!!! nice game.... ;p

Remaining units:

2 tyrants (one with 1 wound)
12 genestealers (lost in battle, went nuninuninu...)
16 hormogaunts (sat the whole game in the objective, hoping it hatches ;p)

Land Raider
8 assault squad
rhino with full squad of marines
Hq on bike
2 marines

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