Monday, May 11, 2009

Bloody Blood Ravens

Battle Report

April 28, 2009
Blood Ravens (Sigis) vs. Worldeaters (Jas)
Army Build: 1000points
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War
Results: Kill points 1-5 Jas Wins

“ Blood( Ravens) for the Blood God!!!”

Jas has initiative. Sigis patiently waited for the enemy from the outpost on first two turns. At turn three, the Rhinos move in popping out smoke to obscure any firing from the Blood Ravens which eventually broke cover for their initial strike. Melta shots at the rhinos and Daemon Prince were a drag for Sigis. No hits and one glancing hit ignored. (Praise be Khorne!) Berserkers began to disembark from their transport. Havoc launchers firing but the Blood Raven Bikers were fast. Raptors manages to tie one squad and wiped them out. The Daemon Prince smite aside an Attack Bike. Sigis on his turn came the Epistolary Librarian and cast Force Dome but failed and opt to use Avenger power to kill 3 Berserkers with the flanking bike squadd contributing another kill. The Raptors were gunned down to a man. The Daemon Prince took a shot from the Attack Bike and was wounded. In assault Librarian felled Berserkers but was crushed by the Skull Champion’s Power Fist. At the run of the last turn the Khorne Army were roaring victoriously Sigis tried to blast the Rhino with the lone Skull Champion but failed. Nice game bro.

Blood Ravens (Sigis) vs Lamenters (Jas)
Army Build: 1000 points
Mission: Sieze Ground (3Objectives)
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Results: 0-1 Sigis Wins

“ Battle Brothers! Test your might! “

First turn Sigis cast Force Dome and Blood Raven Bikers roared their engines with guns ready. The Attack bike punched a hole on the lone Rhino blasting it to smithereens and Jas failed most of his saves for the passengers leaving only shaky Marines (Crap!). and was felled by bolter fire from the Bike Squad not far behind (Double Crap!!!). He peppered the Scouts in the cover of the ruined walls killing three. Jas Lamenter Librarian cast Force Dome on his Sternguards answered back with a hail of bolter, missle launcher and lascannon from the Sternguards and Scout team. The 10 man marine squad quickly engage the bike squad at left. In the Assualt phases Sigis got the upper hand with the speed and with the Hit and Run tactics which was down right irritating since the enemy can be shot at on the next turn. The Blood Raven Commander engaged the Librarian (which failed to cast his Force Dome) in close combat as if declaring a challenge to a duel. The Librarian fell. On the 4th turn there were few Lamenters in the table too weak and far from any objective. This game goes to Sigis. A fast victory!

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